Changing the way
the world ________

Changing the way
the world drinks wine

The VinoNovo leverages science and technology to enhance the flavor profile of a bottle of wine.

Changing the way
the world handles package.

The Porchboxx combines automated disinfecting, heating/cooling, home security and more into one complete package.



Conceptualization and

The Porchboxx is Faraday’s most innovative product yet to come to market. The Porchboxx is an electronic packaged delivery system that includes a dual patented disinfecting system, security features, anti-theft and security systems as well as heating/cooling.

The VinoNovo combines science and wine to make it possible for consumers to create their own custom wine flavor profile at home in under 20 minutes.

An online luxury goods rental marketplace.

Wraffle is designed to help engage both the selling and listing sides of online marketplaces. The old, boring ways of bidding and waiting serve their purpose, Wraffle is here to change that.

An online P2P marketplace that allows the listing and renting of just about anything. Available on the App Store now!

FlatRateForms automates the sending and documenting of certain mundane, but costly legal documents.

Mailthem allows you, by using your home address, to send physical letters, with tracking, to any politician that represents you.

BTS is a 501(c)3 non-profit operating in the State of Florida that offers assistance to those in need.

An IT asset management and assessment platform that allows companies that are scaling, to liquidate or destroy electronic devices and information.

DeskMate is a feature rich IoT device that makes it possible to track a litany of data points in an office or school setting.

Motor-X is your online, central location for renting Big Boys/Girls toys!



Clyde Snodgrass CEO

David Rodriguez Partner

Chris Pitts Marketing and Creative Director

Jason SallmanBlockchain Specialist

Shakeeb AhmadLead Developer

Tiago Ascenção Lead Designer

Jeff Gobles Advisor

Currently Faraday operates out of EMBARC Collective downtown, central Floridas most innovate and supportive incubator/accelerator. Their staff of executive advisors and function specific experts have helped guide the larger of Faradays LOBs to a place of being able to launch and go- to market. Through the help of Lakshmi Shenoy and Allie Felix, we’ve been able to focus more than one product while ensuring our deadlines are being met.

Through AWS and its always on and lighting fast infrastructure, we are able to operate on a serverless platform with efficiency and for low cost 24/7. Their scalability makes adding additional features to our software a breeze!

Roadie is a last mile delivery service provider that eliminates the need for individuals to worry about pick-up or delivery. Roadie is available in every market we service and allows us to add ease of use to some of the services we provide. Roadie insures, tracks and verifies each delivery and does so through an automated API system that we’ve integrated into some of our software applications.

Faraday uses Plaid for all of its ID, asset and credit verification needs. From confirming average daily balances of a potential renter on RentIt or LuxeOD, which offsets our insurance costs, to verifying identity for new users that want to list items or verify their ID on any of our platforms. Plaid has been used to confirm over 10B+ transactions. Plaid is used by every major financial institution and most insurance providers. It allows our systems to verify someone risk score without needing them to lift a finger.

All of the Faraday LOBs currently integrate Stripe Connect into each of our platforms. Their robust and 100% customizable system ensures that we are able to minimize cyber-theft and any risk related issues with less integrated payment solution systems.

CH Robinson is one of the worlds premier shipping company. Faraday has multiple lines of business that rely on them for shipping and freight needs as well as white glove service.



App Development

Have an idea for an app and aren’t sure where to start? Limited on funds and can’t hire a full stack development team locally to take your idea to delivery? How about wanting to just get some feedback on an idea but you need the front end to demo in Figma so people can see what it is you’re talking about?

We learned (the hard way) that you don’t always have to hire a local development team to turn your idea into reality. We’ve had experience in web and app based apps. We’ve worked with some of the best developers you could find and are passing on our team for others to use.

See Projects

Website Development and Coding

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so without having to go into a sales pitch about what we can do, we’ll let the ‘See Projects’ button do the talking.

As for the coding side of it. We have some of the best and current coders working with us. From Lottie animations to full motion graphics developed in After Effects, we can take a small TV Pilot budget and make it look like a $200m action film.

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Branding is the first thing that people see when they come to you or your company. From your name, the style of logo to the colors… it all sets the tone for how someone thinks about your company.

Learning how to brand ourselves was something that most of us here at Faraday did from the very beginning. Do you want to work with our lead designer, 1 on 1 with something specific? Do you want to go the value route and have 30-40 designs done by a handful of contractors… we can help regardless.

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Product Prototyping and Development

Our biggest strength is product development. From the first production ready product we designed (VinoNovo) which looked initially like the worlds worst science experiment (here), we have matured the art of product design and development.

What would take someone new to this industry years to figure out and years to nurture the appropriate contacts to do so, we can accomplish that in a few short months. The idea for the Porchboxx was taken from a piece of paper during Quarantine in June 2020, to a fully functioning prototype in August, to a production ready model in March of 2021.

We can assist in all aspects of having your idea brought to life.

Most people have an idea and think it’s impossible to bring to market, we know that’s not true all to well. We can help you figure out whether or not your item is marketable, producible and whether or not it makes sense to do so.

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Business Entity Creation

Ever had an idea, only to have a lawyer tell you that it would cost $3500 to have your corporate documents drafted, or $750 to have your corporate structure determined and registered, only to find out those things cost next to nothing and take 30 minutes?

We’ve got you covered. From large corporate structures, to simple, single member LLCs, someone at our firm has experience working with it. Save yourself the months spent looking for the right team, or being referred to a friend of a friend, let us hold your hand.



LuxeOD is a peer-to-peer online ecommerce marketplace, that allows high net worth individuals to list and/or rent high value items not typically available to the public.

Rentit was designed prior to COVID to allow individuals to monetize their goods. Think 'AirBNB for your stuff'. With integrated ID verification, delivery, insurance and Rent-to-Own, Rentit is fully scalable.

The Porchboxx companion app was built from the ground up to allow consumers full control over the Porchboxx package delivery system. It was built using Ruby, Jets, postgres, AWS IOT and runs on AWS Lamba servers.

Wraffle is an upcoming eCommerce platform that takes the overall idea of eBay and gamifies it. By allowing individuals to purchase (w)raffles, the chance of winning an item for next to nothing is substantial. Using the Real Random, random number generator, we ensure all wraffles are picked 100% randomly.

The Wraffle online user interface (UI) is sleek and easy to use. It uses current animation techniques (lottie) that many of the top technology companies deploy across their platforms. The site engages the user, while keeping the information required to understand how it works, readily available.

VeeGo is the worlds first to-go vegan condiment company. It allows those practicing veganism to enjoy eating out, without having to worry about dry/bland tasting entrees from restaurants that don’t cater to the Vegan lifestyle.

LuxeOD is a peer-to-peer online ecommerce marketplace, that allows high net worth individuals to list and/or rent high value items not typically available to the public.

The owner of Barrows Gourmet Deli (Wes Felder) came to us in need of revitalizing his menu, website and the overall look of his company. We redid his logo, allowing him to keep some of the original style. A completely new ‘chalkboard’ style menu and fully automated website was also drafted. You can visit it at

When looking for a way to catch her customers attention, Kelly Allen (founder of VeeGo), decided to go with bright, catchy colors. While typical vegan brands use earthy tones, we opted to go with a more funky, 60/70s vibe to catch the attention of passerbys.

The Porchboxx design came from months of back and forths regarding stylizing a large ‘box’ that would sit on the porch of individual homeowners. While making sure the overall functionality of the box goes unadulterated, we had to come up with a solution that still looked sleek and smooth, like something that came out of Cupertino (Apple).

The Vinonovo was the first product produced from Faraday Inc. It got its start in 2014 and has evolved into the product you see today ( The Vinonovo had to maintain sleek, curvy lines, while giving off an aura of sophistication, without breaking the bank. We went through multiple head to toe redesigns that left you with what you see today.