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Clyde Snodgrass

Clyde is a serial entrepreneur that realized he had a passion for wanting to put together things from an early age, racing R/C cars in a semi-professional circuit. From there, at 12, he ran one of the nations first BBS (Bulletin Board Service) that had a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Over the years, he applied his knowledge to developing software programs, building robots and tinkering with just about anything he could to expand his mind.

After years in the finance industry doing mortgages and working on the secondary market, he decided to move into the startup industry and chase some dreams he had from decades past.

Out of that desire to better peoples lives, Faraday was born and along with it, over a dozen (12) ideas and products that have come full circle and are ready to launch. Faradays main purview is to design and deploy products and software applications that were not on anyone’s radar. He holds three patents for tech that Faraday developed and has been involved in consulting with dozens of web and phone based applications that bring convenience to a lot of mundane tasks.

He’s been a part or is currently a part of EMARC Collective, OPSU, Tampa ECC, Tampa Bay Wave and many others. He has spoken numerous times at USF and UT and presented his products at Synapse here in Tampa. He also founded a 501 (c)3 that has been integral in getting relief to hard hit areas in Florida affect by the hurricanes. He's a Vet of the US Army and volunteers as often as possible.


Amazon Web Services

Through AWS and its always on and lighting fast infrastructure, we are able to operate on a serverless platform with efficiency and for low cost 24/7. Their scalability makes adding additional features to our software a breeze!

Embarc Collective

Currently Faraday operates out of EMBARC Collective downtown, central Floridas most innovate and supportive incubator/accelerator. Their staff of executive advisors and function specific experts have helped guide the larger of Faradays LOBs to a place of being able to launch and go- to market. Through the help of Lakshmi Shenoy and Allie Felix, we’ve been able to focus more than one product while ensuring our deadlines are being met.

C.H. Robinson

CH Robinson is one of the worlds premier shipping company. Faraday has multiple lines of business that rely on them for shipping and freight needs as well as white glove service.


Roadie is a last mile delivery service provider that eliminates the need for individuals to worry about pick-up or delivery. Roadie is available in every market we service and allows us to add ease of use to some of the services we provide. Roadie insures, tracks and verifies each delivery and does so through an automated API system that we’ve integrated into some of our software applications.


Faraday uses Plaid for all of its ID, asset and credit verification needs. From confirming average daily balances of a potential renter on RentIt or LuxeOD, which offsets our insurance costs, to verifying identity for new users that want to list items or verify their ID on any of our platforms. Plaid has been used to confirm over 10B+ transactions. Plaid is used by every major financial institution and most insurance providers. It allows our systems to verify someone risk score without needing them to lift a finger.


All of the Faraday LOBs currently integrate Stripe Connect into each of our platforms. Their robust and 100% customizable system ensures that we are able to minimize cyber-theft and any risk related issues with less integrated payment solution systems.



Have an idea but aren’t quite sure where to start, Faraday has you covered. We have helped dozens of people take ideas that they had inside their head and helped to flesh out where to get started and which direction to go to.

Most people have an idea and think it’s impossible to bring to market, we know that’s not true all to well. We can help you figure out whether or not your item is marketable, producible and whether or not it makes sense to do so.

Mockups / Rendering

As you can see by clicking (here), Faraday Inc has vast experience with visualizing and conceptualizing products. Being able to showcase or at least visualize a product is one of the first steps in trying to bring it to market.

We have a large team of local and international design members that can take a simple sketch and turn into something lifelike and vibrant.

Design Files / Coding

Do you need a simple flyer graphic for a marketing event, a one page product summary, how about a full sized interactive website like ours that helps you showcase all of your companies products or services, we have you covered.

We have a sizable team of graphics artist, marketing professionals and all around visual gurus who can take what you need and help visualize and paint an attractive picture for any audience.

Engineering Assistance

Our biggest strength is product development. From the first production ready product we designed (VinoNovo), which looked initially like the worlds worst science experiment (here), we have mastered the art of product design and development.

What would take someone new to this industry years to figure out and years to nurture the appropriate contacts to do so, we can accomplish that in a few short months. The idea for the Porchboxx was taken from a piece of paper during Quarantine in June 2020, to a fully functioning prototype in August, to a production ready model in March of 2021.

We can assist in all aspects of having your idea brought to life.

Manufacturing Partners

Years of being in this industry has afforded us the ability to collate a large number of contacts in the manufacturing and design industries. We pass that knowledge onto you and make bringing your idea to life, an easy reality. We make it so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are working with a reputable source or not and don’t have to worry about your IP being stolen.

Intellectual Property

We work with one of the nations top IP law firms in the country and have used them for all of our IP needs. We can help you navigate the field of patents and make sure you’re protected from the beginning.

Business Law

Have questions about setting up your company and whats the right way to do that? Just the same as our IP, we use one of the states best business law firm. Need a holding company setup, need documents to protect you from potential losses after a breakup between partners, we have you covered.